Profile of Gloria J. Brons

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Gloria J. Brons

IBBA Officer: Past President
Company: Butterfly Wings n' Wishes Ltd.
Address: 43 Grand Meadow Crescent
         Edmonton, Alberta T6L 1A3 Canada
Phone: 780-462-1839
Fax: 780-463-7362

Gloria J. Brons, Butterfly Wings n' Wishes, has been raising butterflies for schools and special event releases since 2001. Gloria is President of the Canadian Butterfly Breeders & Exhibitors Association, a member of the Alberta Entomological Association, the Alberta Lepidoperist Guild, and the Edmonton Reptile & Amphibian Association. Gloria was nominated for Edmonton Chamber of Commerce Small Business Owner of the Year 2004.

International Butterfly Breeders Association, Inc.

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