IBBA Honorary Members

From time-to-time the Board may bestow Honorary Membership to certain individuals.

These individuals, subject to the provisions of the Bylaws, will receive all benefits of membership in the IBBA with the exception of voting rights. Honorary Members are therefore not eligible to sit on the IBBA Board of Directors unless they have also chosen to pay normal membership dues.

Honorary Membership status (other than Lifetime Honorary Membership) is subject to annual Board review.

The following individuals are currently Honorary Members of the IBBA:

Georges Brossard

See Note 1.
Helen Johnson  See Note 4.
Melanie McCarthy * See Note 3.
Dale McClung * See Note 3.

Jack Mikula

See Note 2.
Rick Mikula * See Note 3.
Linda Rogers * See Note 3.
Nigel Venters * See Note 3.
Kathleen Ziemer * See Note 3.
    * Lifetime Honorary Member

Note 1.

Georges Brossard - One man had a dream and now this dream is a reality. The Montreal Insectarium's entomological collections are viewed and enjoyed by over 400,000 people a year.

Georges Brossard left his job as an attorney to travel around the world and pursue his interest in insects. He was responsible for the creation of the Montreal Insectarium and has been mandated by the Audobon Organization to create an insectarium in New Orleans. (The Insectia web page has more information.) His vision is to make insects interesting to everyday people, including children. http://www2.ville.montreal.qc.ca/insectarium/en/index.php.

Georges Brossard is the entomologist that is portrayed in "The Blue Butterfly" movie. He took a young boy with cancer to the jungle to find the Blue Morpho butterfly, to fulfill his dream. The boy's cancer was completely cured, to the amazement of the doctors that had given him a few months to live.

(Click HERE for more.)

Note 2.

Jack Mikula has hosted the IBBA website for over 8 years. Jack's Butterfly Website was the first butterfly website on the internet and is host to many butterfly farmers as sponsors.

Jack has contributed generously as a sponsor of many IBBA events and is a great friend to the industry.

Lifetime Honorary AwardNote 3.

Melanie McCarthy, Rick Mikula, Linda Rogers and Nigel venters were awarded Lifetime Honorary Memberships in 2006. Kathleen Ziemer was awarded a Lifetime Honorary Membership in 2011. Dale McClung was awarded a Lifetime Honorary Membership in 2013.

See the IBBA Special Awards page for more information.

Note 4.

Helen Johnson was awarded an Honorary membership in 2008, for her work with Monarch Butterflies. Then aged 85, Helen was the primary sponsor through Cal Poly University (San Luis Obispo, CA) or the Monarch Alert program. She lives in Monterey County and they monitor and tag Monarchs in the Western Monarch Migration population which overwinter at nine different sites within the county.

Motion passed at IBBA Board Meeting, November 18, 2008.

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