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Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle coloring page

Line drawing and coloring guide for showy milkweed:

Coloring picture - A. asperula

Monarch Magic Lifcycle Booklet (to print out and color)- 4 pages

Monarch Coloring Pages from Children's Butterfly Site

National Geographic Monarch Coloring Page

Butterfly Craft Links and some fun ideas
supplied by IBBA Member Mona Miller:


Depending on the time of year, I love teaching kids how to plant seeds. Annual milkweed is really easy to grow. Swamp milkweed can survive in a pot as long as it is kept watered so don't worry about giving kids a plant if they don't have any place to plant it. I figure the more I distribute the plants, the better chances the butterflies will have.

Someplace there may be directions for making your own net. Learning how to net butterflies for viewing is fun.

Also, building insect keepers out of various household bottles. I use the large UTZ (pretzel) containers. You can cut the center out of the top, put netting on the top, put the top back on. Now, there is plenty of air and the insect cannot get out. I usually place a coffee cup (without coffee) with the host plants wrapped in wet papertowel. Put another paper towel under the cup as a liner. This makes it easier to clean up after the insects.

Good luck,
Mona Miller
Herndon, VA

And one more link for luck:

Enchanted Learning

Here are some simple craft ideas for you to enjoy.

Butterfly Antennae TOOLS: 1.

plain childrens size headband
black pipe cleaners
decorative glitter or other materials
craft glue

Step 1. Decorate the headband with glitter or the materials you have chosen, with the craft glue. Let dry.

Step 2. Take each pipe cleaner and twist one end around the headband a few times leaving 2-3 inches of space between the two pipe cleaners.

Step 3. Take the very tip of each pipe cleaner and bend about half an inch down until it is touching the other part of the pipe cleaner.

Now put the antennae on your head and pretend you are a butterfly!

Butterfly Net TOOLS: 1 new or used clean aluminium pie pan
1 yard of fine netting or tulle
1 pair of craft scissors
craft glue or low temp glue gun
1 wooden ruler
craft paint

Step 1. Punch a hole into the center of the pie pan, this will allow you to get the craft scissors into the pie pan to trim out the middle part of the pan. Trim away the entire flat part of the pie pan.

Step 2. Take the tulle or netting and lay it out on a flat surface. Lie the pie pan in the middle of The tulle. Bring the sides up around the edge of the pie pan and glue making sure that The edges are completely glued leaving no open edges.

Step 3. Now it's time to put the handle on. After you have decorated the ruler with craft paint Lie the pie pan, now with the net attached on a flat surface place the ruler on the edge Of the pie pan and glue securely. Let dry completely

Now you have a net to capture your own butterflies and study them up close!

Butterfly Fruit Prints

(have adult supervision, as this craft requires a knife)

TOOLS: Childrens craft paint (various colors)
Plain white paper
Empty container (to hold paint)
Markers (various colors)
Various size apples

Step 1. Have a parent help you cut the apples in half longways. Set aside.

Step 2. Fill the container with the color of paint you want to use for the butterfly wings. Dip one half of the apple into the paint container and press onto the sheet of paper. Now dip the other half of the apple and make a print facing the opposite direction Leaving about ¼ of an inch between the two imprints. Let dry.

Step 3. Take a black magic marker and draw the butterflys body, head and antenna.

You now have a butterfly fruit print, which will remind you of the Red Admiral butterfly that sometimes likes to nectar on rotting fruit!

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