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The IBBA is not responsible for the content of external internet sites. These sites have been vetted for safe content at the time of inclusion in this list. Some of these sites are extensive, others are fairly local in scope.

Butterfly Learning & Research websites

Raising Butterflies < NEW: added December 2009 >

The Raising Butterflies site discusses how to find and take care of butterfly immatures. It has three sections. The first is a basic section targeted at naturalists wanting to raise common butterflies. The second section provides videos, slide shows, and text instructions drilling down into the specifics of how to find the right habitat, identify the right plants, use the right methodologies and equipment in order to rear different butterfly taxa.

The last section 'Techniques by Taxa' provides a 20-parameter report for roughly 250 butterfly trinomials on how to locate and raise these butterflies. This section is still under construction; however, some examples of these reports include:


EnchantedLearning.com - Butterfly and Moth Printouts

Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House Education Center.

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum: Butterfly Lab

The Red Admiral and Painted Lady Research Site:

Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005
To: IBBA Mailing List
From: Jon Timko
Subject: 3 page list of links to research articles on the web on Lepidoptera

 New online resource on Lepidoptera now functional.
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 Ron Gatrelle   Mar 28, 11:42 pm     show options

Newsgroups: sci.bio.entomology.lepidoptera
From: gatre...@tils-ttr.org (Ron Gatrelle) - Find messages by this author 
Date: 28 Mar 2005 23:42:31 -0800
Local: Mon, Mar 28 2005 11:42 pm 
Subject: New online resource on Lepidoptera now functional.

The new Online Library section of the TILS web site is now up and running. The direct link is http://tils-ttr.org/Online.htm­l  This is a 23 page list of links to research articles on the web on Lepidoptera, and is continually being updated. There is supposed to be a title on the first page that says: "An Online Library of Lepidoptera Resources: Continually Updated". Compiled by: Harry Pavulaan

This title got ommitted on the first upload.  Oops.  Will get that up asap.
It is easy to go to the TILS home page from this section by just clicking on
the masthead.   If you have titiles and links to add to this contact Harry
at pavul...@tils-ttr.org If you find any links that don't work for whatever reason, please email Harry and let him know what they are.

Each link should just open right up (might take a bit of time with a slow
hookup).   But if you get any weird download function boxes popping up, get
with our web master Joe Mueller at,  j...@joeslittleworld.com  as this would
be a problem with the way your PC is configured to open these kinds of
files.  Don't email me as I'm pretty computer illiterate and of no help with
these things.

Ronald R. Gatrelle, president
The International Lepidoptera Survey

Some Butterfly Craft Links

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle coloring page

Line drawing and coloring guide for showy milkweed:

Coloring picture - A. asperula

Monarch Magic Lifcycle Booklet (to print out and color)- 4 pages

Monarch Coloring Pages from Children's Butterfly Site

National Geographic Monarch Coloring Page

Some more craft links


Butterflies of North America

Journey North: Monarch Butterfly - Annual Variations in Spring Migration Patterns (animated maps showing Recolonization of Eastern North America
Springs 2000, 2001 and 2002

The USGS site shows photos of North American butterflies at various stages in their lifecycle. Searchable by State:

Here is the equivalent site for moths:

Prairie Watch

Butterfly and Moth Caterpillars - Identification Guide
(includes links to several related sites)

Butterflies of Europe



Butterfly Sight - a European Butterfly Study

Butterflies of Poland Database

Butterflies of Asia

Butterflies of Singapore

Recommended Books

The following correspondence is taken from the IBBA Mailing List.

From: Mona Miller
Subject: Re: Caterpillars of Pacific Northwest

There's also another one for the Pacific Northwest (take from TIL-Leps list):

Hello all,
There is now a new book in the USDA Forest Service, Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team (FHTET) series.  "Lepidoptera of the Pacific Northwest: Caterpillars and Adults" is the third, and likely the last, book from Jeff Miller and Paul Hammond on PNW leps.  There is a little overlap in content with the previous two books, the first of which covered just caterpillars of butterflies and moths and the second book covered macromoth adults.  The beauty of the new book is it brings together adults of both butterflies and macromoths of the PNW with their larvae in full color.  Jeff Miller's digital photography is beautiful.  It is 8.5 X 11 (approx.) inch landscape format.

Here is perhaps the best news.  It's FREE from the Forest Service. To receive your own copy, please contact:

Richard C. Reardon
USDA Forest Service
180 Canfield Street
Morgantown, WV  26505
(304) 285-1563

"Lepidoptera of the Pacific Northwest: Caterpillars and Adults"
Publication No.  FHTET-2003-03, December 2003

Richard A. Worth
Insect Program Specialist & Lepidopterist
Oregon Department of Agriculture, Plant Division
(503) 986-6461

From: Mackinac Island Butterfly House
Subject: Caterpillars of Eastern American Forests

This is an awesome book ... I was able to obtain a dozen and give them out to VERY serious critter people. 

Not only is it a fantastic book have you seen the Macro moths of Eastern Forests?  It is also free and a great resource.  I am a bit out of the loop right now as a worm squiggle into both my home and work computer on the same day so I am only inter-netable right now on borrowed time.


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