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Membership Dues for 2017 are unchanged from 2016 and are shown below.

Existing members who are renewing, please see instructions HERE.

Former members who are returning (i.e., anyone who is not currently a member but who has been a member in the past) will pay the full rate.

New members (i.e anyone who has not previously been an IBBA member) who join after the First Quarter of the year will pay reduced dues pro rata - see table HERE)

See Levels and Benefits section for more details of these categories.

Corporate Dues:

Regular Dues:
Second Membership Dues:
International (non-US) Dues:
Associate Dues:
Educators Dues:
Student Dues:
Honorary / Advisory
(not applicable)
(by agreement)

We have had reports of database errors when submitting this form. Fortunately these errors appear to be rare, but if you receive a database error message please inform the website manager: marysavagebird@gmail.com.

Click HERE to read the IBBA Dues Policy.
Click HERE to read about the benefits of IBBA membership

You can now pay by check, money order or credit card. To pay by credit card, use the secure PayPal service by clicking on the PayPal box. Click HERE for more information.

If you do not have a credit card, you can set up your PayPal account to draw money from whatever account you want to use. Please refer to the PayPal website for their current instructions.

Important note for non-U.S. applicants:
If you live outside the U.S.A., please ensure that your payment is made using a credit card or money order that can be accepted at U.S. banks. If in doubt, please consult your bank.

If paying by Credit Card, please select a membership option:

Membership Options

If you have paid using PayPal, please complete the form and select the Credit Card option. If you wish to pay by check or money order, remember to enclose your payment with the form.

You may click the [Submit] button to send the form electronically, or print it out and mail it to the address given below.

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IBBA Membership Application Form

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Code of Ethics IBBA Members are asked to abide by the IBBA Code of Ethics.
Click HERE if you have not already read the Code.
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Your Payment

We accept payment by PayPal, Check or Money Order.

Important note for non-U.S. applicants:
If you live outside the U.S.A., please ensure that your payment is made using a credit card or money order that can be accepted at U.S. banks. If in doubt, please consult your bank.


Membership Options

See below for more information on credit card payments.

Checks & Money Orders

Checks and Money Orders must be made out to "IBBA" and mailed to the Membership Services Coordinator.

You may submit your application form electronically, or print out the form and mail it with your check/M.O.. If submitting the form electronically, please (1) include a note with the check, containing your contact details and other relevant information; and (2) add a note in the Comment box on the form to say that the check or M.O. is on its way. This will help us to quickly identify your form and payment.

Please see Membership Services Coordinator page for mailing address.

What Happens Next?

Our Membership Services Coordinator will receive your application form and payment. S/he will then send you an email, welcoming you to the IBBA.

At the same time s/he will forward your details to the IBBA Website Manager, who will:

  • create your IBBA website membership account;
  • send you some information, which will include your website password (which you can change later if you wish) and instructions explaining how to add your details to the IBBA Membership Database;
  • subscribe you to the IBBA Mailing List, our private email discussion list.

This is normally a fairly quick process, but as it is a manual process it may take a day or two, depending on when our officers are in front of their computers to pick up their mail and carry out the necessary actions. If you do not hear anything within three working days for electronic submission, or six working days for postal submission, please email the Membership Services Coordinator so that we can be investigate.


If you have any questions concerning your payment, please contact the Membership Services Coordinator.

More information on Credit Card payments

The International Butterfly Breeder's Association accepts credit card payments for membership dues through the PayPal service.

When making a payment through PayPal you can be assured that your transaction is secure and private. PayPal will ask you for your email address and for you to choose a password in order to complete the transaction. A receipt of the transaction will be sent to your email address. If you should log into PayPal to make future payments to the IBBA or payments to other PayPal members, your credit card information is already saved in the system. Again, all transactions are done through a secure server and no transactions can take place without your direction.

If you are renewing your membership and wish to pay by credit card, select a membership option below.

Membership Options