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Nigel Venters

Butterfly Boutique
- Argentina
Phone: Fax:
Email: Nigel Venters

~ Butterfly Raising Instruction ~

With Nigel Venters, World-Renowned Expert on
Raising Butterflies for a Living, for Exhibits or For Enjoyment

The Professional Butterfly Farming Manual
Desktop Workshops - Online Instruction for Raising Butterflies
On-Site Butterfly Rearing Library (free)
Two Butterfly Raising Forums (free):
The World Wide Butterfly Breeding Forum
The WWBB Basic Butterfly Raising List

(IBBA Member Discounts on all Workshops & Products)

Professional Butterfly Farming Certificate

The World Wide Butterfly Breeding Forum

with Nigel Venters!
Sponsored by the Butterfly Boutique

A place where all are welcome to come and discuss breeding
BUTTERFLIES from all around the World! Experts,
beginners and hobbyists, are all welcome.
All species, all regions FROM AROUND our planet...

WWBB Basic Butterfly Raising List
with Nigel Venters!
Sponsored by the Butterfly Boutique

For anybody, anywhere who wants to learn to
raisebutterflies! Come join the fun and meet
butterfly people from all over the world

The WWBB Basic Butterfly Raising List is
FREE TO JOIN and is held on Google Groups.


Nicolas Mulcahy

Teodoro Garcia 1939. 10 C - Buenos Aires CABA 1426 Argentina
Phone: Fax:

Email: Nicolas Mulcahy


Nicole DeGraff

Mariposa Monarchs
PO Box 21B - Douglas Park NSW 2569 Australia
Phone: 0435 427 229 Fax:
Email: Nicole DeGraff

Hand Reared Monarch Butterflies-Butterfly Releases for all your special events.

Phone: 0435 427 229

Ask about our Butterfly Guarantee We sell a variety of butterfly themed accessories to complement your wedding or birthday party event, including butterfly attracting-wildflower seed paper favours.
Australia Wide Delivery :: Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth live butterfly releases


Trudy Thompson
Amy Hill, Tina Li

Butterflies For You
PO Box 404 - Quinns Rocks WA 6030 Australia
Phone: 0452533477 Fax:
Email: Trudy Thompson


Kaye Higgins

Butterfly Dreams
12 Cobden Street, Bayswater - Perth WA 6053 Australia
Phone: 08 92710234 Fax: Mobile: 04 2264 00 54
Email: Kaye Higgins

Phone:08 92710234 Mobile: 04 2264 0054

We have 12 years experience supplying butterflies for release at weddings, funerals, birthday parties and other special events.
Educational kits for schools and home.
Educational presentations.
Butterfly displays for Fairs and Festivals.

For more information on our products and services please visit our website:


Jan Meerman

Green Hills Butterfly Ranch
P.O. Box 208 - Belmopan Belize
Phone: Fax:
Email: Jan Meerman

Live tropical butterfly display
Guided tours
Gift shop
Picnic spot
Hummingbird Garden
Botanical Collection


Corrianne Brons

43 Grand Meadow Crescent - Edmonton Alberta T6L 1A3 Canada
Phone: Fax:

Email: Corrianne Brons


Dennis Lee

Butterflies Beautiful
4916 - 55 Avenue - Beaumont Alberta T4X 1J8 Canada
Phone: 780-929-9521 Fax: 780-929-2018
Email: Dennis Lee

Butterfly Kits: Painted Lady Caterpillar Kits for Schools, Daycare Centres, & other educational institutions. We also supply kits for Home Science Projects.
All caterpillars come pre-sorted in their own containers on top of diet.

Live butterflies for release at weddings and other special events.

Dennis Lee, M.Sc. in Entomology
Debora Lee, B.Ed.

We ship coast to coast in Canada.

Supplying live butterflies and caterpillar kits to Canadians since 1999. Founding member of the Canadian Butterfly Breeders and Exhibitors Association (CBBEA).


Gloria J. Brons

Butterfly Wings n' Wishes Ltd.
43 Grand Meadow Crescent - Edmonton Alberta T6L 1A3 Canada
Phone: 780-462-1839 Fax: 780-463-7362
Email: Gloria J. Brons

Butterfly Wings n' Wishes.....
- Live Butterflies for Release
- Painted Lady Butterfly Raising Kits for school Science Projects
- Classroom Presentations: Live animals are brought into the classroom to allow for a "hands on" experience with focus on Alberta Wildlife: "Butterflies & Bugs", "Reptiles & Amphibians", or "Butterflies & Butterfly Gardening"
- School Bug Rentals: A guest in the classroom? Tarantulas! Scorpions! Millipedes! Each can offer an amazing and unique experience for students to observe and learn.


Kim Sutton

20727 46A Ave - Langley BC V3A 3K1 Canada
Phone: 604-626-2073 Fax:
Email: Kim Sutton

In British Columbia,Canada, butterflies for release at weddings, memorials, graduations, corporate and community events. School kits for learning the wonders of metamorphosis.


Prince Mansoor

Monarch Butterflies
- Mississauga ON L4Z Canada
Phone: 18444359359 Fax: 18445359359
Email: Prince Mansoor

We have the largest selection of butterfly items and quality livestock to choose from. Our online store includes the following:

Free organic milkweed seeds

Live monarch, swallowtail and painted lady butterflies for single and mass release

Monarch and painted lady rearing kits

Organic milkweed plants

Largest selection of framed butterflies and exotic moths

Real butterfly jewellery

Spreading boards

And many other butterfly accessories in our gift shop

We also visit schools and events for presentations and seminars in the GTA. All our livestock is available in Canada and all other items are available globally.

Toll Free: 1 8444 FLYFLY (359359)


Rose Tanner

Monarchs & Milkweed
1007 Frost Avenue - Sarnia ON N7S 4G6 Canada
Phone: Fax:

Email: Rose Tanner


Skip Bulman

Homestead Gardens/Butterflies and Roses
867 Sandy Hook Road - Pontypool ONTARIO L0A 1K0 Canada
Phone: 1-800-707-8924 Fax: 705-277-2846
Email: Skip Bulman

Click for Butterflies & Roses!

Monarchs and Painted Lady butterflies for release.

We ship coast to coast overnight express by Fed Ex.

Florist for fresh flowers and plants.
Wedding flowers and butterfly releases.

CBBEA and IBBA member
Founding member of CBBEA


Lucy-Anna Perna

Lucy's Butterfly Farm
147 Long Lake Road - Apsley Ontario K0L 1A0 Canada
Phone: 705 6561645 Fax:
Email: Lucy-Anna Perna

Butterflies for release at weddings, memorials and special events.
Butterfly related products including photographs, photo cards, milkweed seeds, release cages and release envelopes. Butterfly Raising Kits for the classroom or home schooling.


René Boutin

33 St-Georges - Chambly Quebec J3L 3J8 Canada
Phone: 450-658 5252 Fax:

Email: René Boutin



Oliver Fox

Ingana Shop
Konrad Adenauer Str. 8 - Linden D-35440 Germany
Phone: +49-6403-9767721 Fax: +49-6403-9767729
Email: Oliver Fox

Breeder of Painted Lady.
We offer:
- Live Butterflies for Release (Weddings, Birthdays or other special events in Germany and many other countries in Europe
- Painted Lady Butterfly Raising Kits for school or young scientists
- Larvae and Pupae of Painted Lady - Butterfly Plant Seeds


Hans-Christof Dautel

Insect Services
Haderslebener Str. 9 - Berlin 12163 Germany
Phone: +49-3082096555 Fax: +49-30-82096555
Email: Hans-Christof Dautel

Butterflies for release in Germany. Butterfly rearing box for children.


Geert Jonkers

Groeskuilen 95 - Gemert Noord-Brabant 5421ZW Netherlands
Phone: +31 6 17204817 Fax:
Email: Geert Jonkers


Jon Owens

Butterfly Haven
Imperial Avenida - El Valle Cocle 0000000 Panama
Phone: 50760623131 Fax:

Email: Jon Owens

Constructing an exhibit and education center 2 hrs. from Panama City. Opening Jan 1, 2014


Maria Jose Ribeiro

Av. Pedra Verde, 362 - S. Mamede Infesta Matosinhos 4465-229 Portugal
Phone: +351 916882228 Fax:
Email: Maria Jose Ribeiro


Marc de Roche

Papa Papillon
Heimstrasse 20 - Bern 3018 Switzerland
Phone: +41 78 761 75 48 Fax:
Email: Marc de Roche

AERARIUM: the fine breeding cage for caterpillars.
Durable, inexpensive, clean and convenient: this container provides plenty of light, air and walking room for caterpillars.


Paul Chesterfield

Images from Nature & Butterfly Boutique
- UK
Phone: 023 92528594 Fax:
Email: Paul Chesterfield

~ Butterfly Raising Instruction ~

With Nigel Venters, World-Renowned Expert on
Raising Butterflies for a Living, for Exhibits or For Enjoyment

    The Professional Butterfly Farming Manual    
    Desktop Workshops - Online Instruction for Raising Butterflies    
    On-Site Butterfly Rearing Library (free)    
    Two Butterfly Raising Forums (free):    
    The World Wide Butterfly Breeding Forum    
    The WWBB Basic Butterfly Raising List    

(IBBA Member Discounts on all Workshops & Products)

Professional Butterfly Farming Certificate

The World Wide Butterfly Breeding Forum

with Nigel Venters!
Sponsored by the Butterfly Boutique

A place where all are welcome to come and discuss breeding
BUTTERFLIES from all around the World! Experts,
beginners and hobbyists, are all welcome.
All species, all regions FROM AROUND our planet...

WWBB Basic Butterfly Raising List
with Nigel Venters!
Sponsored by the Butterfly Boutique

For anybody, anywhere who wants to learn to
raisebutterflies! Come join the fun and meet
butterfly people from all over the world

The WWBB Basic Butterfly Raising List is
FREE TO JOIN and is held on Google Groups.

Images from Nature
Beautiful photographs of Butterflies, Moths,
Flowers, Landscapes and more.
Photo Blog:
Visit my new Gallery site:

Natural History Photographs by Paul Chesterfield.

Over 200 full-colour pictures
of butterflies, moths, insects and flowers
in a glossy, hard-cover volume!

Sample pages are on The Butterfly Boutique.

Preview and order direct from



Phone: Fax:

Email: guest


Dr. Frank Davis

Phone: Fax:

Email: Dr. Frank Davis


Stephen Roche

Phone: Fax:

Email: Stephen Roche


Harry Pavulaan

Phone: Fax:

Email: Harry Pavulaan


Tina Stanly

Butterflies By Tina
1146 Riverton Road - Huntsville AL 35811 USA
Phone: 256-684-7399 Fax:
Email: Tina Stanly

Butterflies for release to make any event special. We also offer education in the form of presentations to clubs, schools, and home school groups. As well as consultancy on butterfly gardening and habitat.


Ruth Andre

Ozark Mountain Butterflies
35086 SR 27 - Hector AR 72843 USA
Phone: Fax:

Email: Ruth Andre


Brenna Covert

13771 N Fountain Hills Blvd. # 114-153 - Fountain Hills AZ USA
Phone: Fax:

Email: Brenna Covert


Linda Rogers

Butterfly Boutique
PO Box 19645 - Happy Jack AZ 86024 USA
Phone: 903-874-6560 Fax:
Email: Linda Rogers

~ Butterfly Raising Instruction ~

With Nigel Venters, World-Renowned Expert on
Raising Butterflies for a Living, for Exhibits or For Enjoyment

The Professional Butterfly Farming Manual
Desktop Workshops - Online Instruction for Raising Butterflies
On-Site Butterfly Rearing Library (free)
Two Butterfly Raising Forums (free):
The World Wide Butterfly Breeding Forum
The WWBB Basic Butterfly Raising List

(IBBA Member Discounts on all Workshops & Products)

Professional Butterfly Farming Certificate

The World Wide Butterfly Breeding Forum

with Nigel Venters!
Sponsored by the Butterfly Boutique

A place where all are welcome to come and discuss breeding
BUTTERFLIES from all around the World! Experts,
beginners and hobbyists, are all welcome.
All species, all regions FROM AROUND our planet...

WWBB Basic Butterfly Raising List
with Nigel Venters!
Sponsored by the Butterfly Boutique

For anybody, anywhere who wants to learn to
raisebutterflies! Come join the fun and meet
butterfly people from all over the world

The WWBB Basic Butterfly Raising List is
FREE TO JOIN and is held on Google Groups.

Live Butterflies for Release:


Royce Cumming

39467 Metz Road - King City CA 93930-9502 USA
Phone: Fax:

Email: Royce Cumming


Danielle Smith

1061 Sparrow Ln - Fairfield CA 94533 USA
Phone: Fax:

Email: Danielle Smith


Kelly Wilcox Travers

Humbug Farms
- Santa Barbara CA USA
Phone: 805-964-0727 Fax:
Email: Kelly Wilcox Travers

Wholesale Classic Triangle Boxes at


Custom Website Design and Programming at


Handcrafted Silver Jewelry at

"celebrate life...!"


Nora Donston

A Butterfly Affaire
- Southern California Region CA 92653 USA
Phone: (888)282-7281 Fax:
Email: Nora Donston

Live Monarch butterflies for release at weddings and special events.


Limited Time special pricing while supplies last!

We specialize in custom hand made rose petal and butterfly doily individual release boxes for a very unique event.


Alicia Baylor

Buena Vista Butterfly Farm
PO Box 107 - Burson CA 95225 USA
Phone: 209 274-2538 Fax:
Email: Alicia Baylor

Live Butterflies for release
Presentations and Traveling Butterfly exhibits

Where Beauty Flies on Gentle Wings


Alan Chesmore
1853 Eel River Dr - Fortuna CA 95540 USA
Phone: 707 725-2424 Fax: 707 725-2424
Email: Alan Chesmore

*Live Butterflies for Release*Seasonal*
*Walk thru Butterfly House*Seasonal*
Small Venue Setting - Officiant Available - Parties with Games
Summer - Fresh Cut Lavender

*Bigfoot and Butterfly TM Gift Shop*
Mythical Bigfoot, Mermaids, Wedding Adornments and other Fun Gifts. Butterfly Release Containers & Naturalist Kits.
Shop Open Friday-Sunday 11-4 Winter-Spring Hours (707)725-2424 Alan owner


Kathie Balaam

Chase 'N Butterflies
26591 Cancion - Mission Viejo CA 92691 USA
Phone: 949-533-6596 Fax:
Email: Kathie Balaam

Decorative EDIBLE butterflies
Live butterflies
Painted Lady rearing kits
Habitat/release cages


Darryl Swartz

Emma’s Butterfly Ranch
4802 Brookway Av - Yorba Linda CA 92886 USA
Phone: 657 363 2751 Fax:
Email: Darryl Swartz

Complete butterfly and butterfly garden services Weddings, Funerals, TV, schools Adults Butterflies Caterpillars monarch,gulf,mourning cloak, lady's


Keri Wright

Farfalla Butterfly Co.
- San Diego CA 92130 USA
Phone: 858-480-9449 Fax:
Email: Keri Wright

Live Monarch butterflies for release, Monarch Eggs, Monarch Chrysalis', Butterfly wing jewelry, handmade in the USA and Butterfly & Caterpillar rearing habitats (pop-ups). We are a San Diego company dedicated to breeding healthy Monarch butterflies for release at celebrations, fundraising and special Events, such as weddings, memorial services, birthdays, anniversaries, grand openings, graduations and more. We ship Monarch butterflies to states west of the Continental Divide. We are also members of the International Butterfly Breeders Association and The Association for Butterflies. We also grow Milkweed and by providing these services we are helping to increase the diminishing Monarch population. You can help too, by planting Milkweed and releasing Monarchs Butterflies at your next event.


John Dailey
Rosemary Dailey

SkyRiver Butterflies
18925 Natalie Court - Castro Valley CA 94546 USA
Phone: Fax:

Email: John Dailey


Jacob Groth

Swallowtail Farms, Inc.
P.O. Box 4737 - El Dorado Hills CA 95762 USA
Phone: 1-888-441-2041 Fax: 916-939-3752
Email: Jacob Groth

We offer Butterflies For Release at weddings or other special events along with an assortmant of custom designed butterfly packaging. In addition to live butterflies, we also carry a wide variety of plantable paper favors for your special event. Also, be sure to check out our assortment of butterfly educational products.


Angela Davenport Thompson

The Golden Wing
864 Grand Avenue #820 - San Diego CA 92109 USA
Phone: (858) 252-0556 Fax: (858) 769-4102
Email: Angela Davenport Thompson


John Utterback

Utterback Farms, Inc.
17050 Fernandez Lane - Woodland CA 95695 USA
Phone: 530-661-3009 Fax:
Email: John Utterback

At Utterback Farms, we sell both Wholesale and Retail.

For our wholesale customer accounts, we offer both
wholesale chrysalides and drop shipping of adults.

Through our retail store, Butterfly Sales Outlet, we offer
Butterflies for Release, to our Wedding customers.


Betsy Sherman

The Blooming Butterfly
P.O. Box 341 - Hygiene CO 80533 USA
Phone: 303-875-0437 Fax:
Email: Betsy Sherman

The Blooming Butterfly specializes in Monarch butterflies for release...adding the magic of butterflies to life's celebrations! Our farm is located in Colorado, east of the divide. Therefore, we are able to ship our Monarchs to the states east of Colorado...thus, we raise Eastern Monarchs.


Karen Strunk

1856 Firethorn Road NW - Palm Bay FL 32907 USA
Phone: Fax:

Email: Karen Strunk


Maggie Tucker

1125 NW 10th Av - Gainesville FL 32601 USA
Phone: Fax:

Email: Maggie Tucker


Chad Limes

A Butterfly Release Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 2243 - Winter Park FL 32790 USA
Phone: 407.754.2353 Fax:
Email: Chad Limes

A Butterfly Release Company - An Event to Remember

Live Butterflies for release available for weddings, celebrations, memorials and other events. We offer monarch butterflies and painted lady butterflies year round and last minute orders are welcome. Be sure to visit our web site and browse a variety of beautiful custom made release products with an abundance of choices for your unique event. Please contact us with any questions about adding Live butterflies to your event. Raise Your Own Butterfly kits are also available for fun and education.


Butterfly Farming Supplies

Butterfly Farming Supplies
Phone: 352 824 5163 Fax:
Email: Butterfly Farming Supplies

Butterfly Farming Supplies is THE shopping place for all your butterfly raising needs. We offer high quality products at reasonable prices and most orders will qualify for FREE SHIPPING! If you are a retailer, we invite you to check out our wholesale program!


Ronald Boender
Chad Barb

Butterfly World
3600 West Sample Road - Coconut Creek FL 33073 USA
Phone: 954 977 4434 Fax: 954 977 4501
Email: Ronald Boender

Jewelry, plants


John Wilchynski

7910 North Fairport Ave - Dunnellon FL 34433 USA
Phone: 13524651603 Fax: 13524654577
Email: John Wilchynski

ButterflyWorkx is a commercial butterfly farm that is owned and operated
by Rosanna and John Wilchynski in Dunnellon, Florida.

ButterflyWorkx Butterfly Farm

We carry a large inventory of Live Butterfly caterpillars, butterfly eggs, butterfly pupa and adults. Please browse our online catalog to view our extensive inventory of chrysalises,butterfly nectar plants, metamorphosis kits and much more.

ButterflyWorkx is your source for everything you need to create a wonderful butterfly release for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, funerals and quinceaneras. We also offer butterfly educational learning kits,a traveling butterfly exhibit and butterfly lectures.


Charlotte MacCallum

Buy A Butterfly
12876 SW CR 231 - Brooker Fl 32622 USA
Phone: Fax:

Email: Charlotte MacCallum


Kelly Calabresi

Cloverlawn Butterflies, LLC
- orlando FL USA
Phone: 407 896-8389 Fax:
Email: Kelly Calabresi

Cloverlawn Butterflies is a family owned butterfly farm in Orlando Florida. We offer Monarch and Painted Lady butterflies for live butterfly releases. We take pride in our butterflies, customer service and attention to detail is our #1 priority


Dale McClung

Florida Monarch Butterfly Farm
3025 70th Lane N. - St. Petersburg FL 33710 USA
Phone: 727-381-1932 Fax: 727-381-5046
Email: Dale McClung

Live butterflies for release at weddings and other special events. Offering for interstate shipment, Monarch butterflies (east of continental divide) and Painted Lady butterflies (most states nationwide). Inside the State of Florida, we offer our beautiful Florida native butterfly mixture release. If your event is in Florida, contact us about this unique option.


Connie Hodsdon

Flutterby Gardens of Manatee, Inc.
1512 22nd Street West - Bradenton FL 34205 USA
Phone: 941-807-2416 Fax: 941-714-0586
Email: Connie Hodsdon

The complete butterfly resource for the consumer providing butterflies for release at any special or memorial occaision. Butterfly gifts for a unique giving experience. A complete butterfly garden center for the homeowner providing design, consultation, installation & maintenance of butterfly gardens. Presentations to public groups available. Keep up with us at


Rhonda Stephens

Metamorphosis Butterfly Farm
4408 Joe Sanchez Rd - Plant City FL 33565 USA
Phone: 813-716-1565 Fax:
Email: Rhonda Stephens

Are you looking for quality pupae at competitive prices for your exhibit? Metamorphosis Butterfly Farm can meet your needs! We offer a wide variety of the highest quality pupae available. Each pupa is individually inspected, providing you with the highest hatch rate in the industry. Also serving central Florida with butterflies for your special event. We have over 15 years experience rearing butterflies. In addition to the excellent variety and quality of our pupae and butterflies, we offer friendly, reliable service and are committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction. We welcome you to contact us any time to discuss your exhibit needs. We love working with our returning customers as well as making new friends.


Jillene Glass

Royal Glass Butterflies
4432 NW 82nd Rd - Gainesville FL 32653 USA
Phone: 3522245641 Fax:

Email: Jillene Glass


Edith Smith

Shady Oak Butterfly Farm
12876 SW County Rd 231 - Brooker FL 32622 USA
Phone: 877-485-2458 Fax: 352-485-1168
Email: Edith Smith

Release Butterflies at
Every Celebration!

Butterflies for release

Eggs, larvae, and kits for teachers.

Do you want to become a butterfly farmer / breeder?
Shady Oak offers Butterfly Breeder Seminars and Internships.
Seminars; 1 - 2 days. Internships; 3 days to 1 week.


Teresa Wooddy

Southern Belle Butterfly Traditions
9927 N Em En El Grove Rd - Leesburg FL 34788 USA
Phone: 352.406.2321 Fax:
Email: Teresa Wooddy


Marilyn Schmidt

The Butterfly Farmers
1110 Ivan Blvd. - La Belle FL 33935 USA
Phone: 863 675-2203 Fax:
Email: Marilyn Schmidt

We have been butterfly breeders since 1993. We supply pupae and adult butterflies to butterfly exhibits, nature centers, and botanical gardens across the USA. Our location in SW Florida has provided us with a large variety of butterfly species. We are known for our reliability and excellent hatch rates. We will be glad to furnish a list of references upon request.


James Robinson

WholeSale Monarchs, Inc.
13046 47th Ct. N - Royal Palm Beach FL 33411 USA
Phone: 561-254-8567 Fax:

Email: James Robinson

Live Butterflies for sale to ibba members

FL, AL, and TX

Contact: John

A A A Wholesale Butterfly Farm
Pensacola FL. 32502 - Locations in FL, AL, and TX USA
Phone: 256-729-8867 Fax: 256-729-6788

Coming Soon!
Email: Contact: John

Triple A Butterfly Farm - Suppling All Your Butterfly Needs

We are a Wholesale butterfly farm dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products, and best customer service available.

We specialize in supplying wholesale butterflies to Zoos, Exhibits, and Butterfly Houses around the country. We raise over 20 species, and strive to always have a good variety of butterflies available each week.

We sell both adult butterflies and pupa, as well as butterfly supplies. We regularly ship orders on a weekly or monthly basis, and are glad to work around any schedule.

my mouse-over text goes here


Patti Rennekamp

1570 Cedar Springs Road - Appling GA USA
Phone: 706 541-1296 Fax:

Email: Patti Rennekamp


Colleen Crawford

Fragrant Acres' Butterfly Farm
4052 West Cove Road - Chickamauga GA 30707 USA
Phone: 866-359-6265 Fax:
Email: Colleen Crawford

Beautiful Butterflies for Release at Weddings, Funerals, or any Important Event!


Darlene Loo-McDowell

Sharing the Butterfly Experience
Oahu - Kapolei HI 96707 USA
Phone: (808) 754-6136 Fax:
Email: Darlene Loo-McDowell

Raising Monarch butterflies for release and education in Hawaii. I'd love to share the magical butterfly experience with you. Servicing the island of Oahu with everything that you would need to start a butterfly garden: plants, tents of all sizes to house the caterpillars, and caterpillars. Butterflies also available for releasing into your neighborhood to encourage more butterflies in the area.


Kathleen Ziemer

ButterfliZ of Iowa
3816 North Union St - Des Moines IA 50316 USA
Phone: 515.280.1555 Fax: cell 515-210-9544
Email: Kathleen Ziemer


LIVE Butterfly Exhibits

Great Educational Seminars for All Ages
Including hands-on butterfly
presentations and garden presentations
and Beautiful Butterflies!
Butterflies For Release & Fundraising


Lori Harris

Salt Creek Butterfly Farm
4744 Woodland Avenue - Western Springs IL 60558 USA
Phone: (708) 601-1080 Fax:
Email: Lori Harris

Arts-based butterfly workshops addressing national educational standards. One and two day workshops available, or small scale 1-2 hours. (will travel) We lead an art-in-nature summer camp in Countryside, IL, Our metamorphosis kits highlight the relationship between live host plant and butterfly and are available in Illinois only. We raise Monarch butterflies for release at memorials, weddings and special events. Handcrafted butterfly jewelry and beads based on the coloration and patterning of butterflies. Specialty- conservation beads for fundraisers and relay for life.


David Foster

Butterfly Wing Bling, LLC
4424 Hwy 59 - Cummings KS 66016 USA
Phone: 913-333-1850 Fax:
Email: David Foster

We produce the premiere line of butterfly wing jewelry in the world. Our line consist of everything from rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings and more.


Michelle Collier

Nature's Magic, LLC
12563 River Road - Luling LA 70070 USA
Phone: (504) 451-4503 Fax:
Email: Michelle Collier

Contact Nature's Magic for Live Butterflies to release at your special event or occasion, school butterfly kits, and Educational presentations. Farm Tours and Butterfly Gardening Design, Build and Maintenance are also available at Nature's Magic if your in the New Orleans Area. -


Ivana Terry

4500 mattapany rd - Saint Leonard MD 20685 USA
Phone: Fax:

Email: Ivana Terry


Ivana Terry

4500 mattapany rd - Saint Leonard MD 20685 USA
Phone: Fax:

Email: Ivana Terry


Valerie Ware
Bruce R. Ware, IV

124 West Virginia Ave. - Severn MD 21144-3200 USA
Phone: Fax:

Email: Valerie Ware


Mary Bird

Michigan Native Butterfly Farm
- Petersburg MI USA
Phone: 734.347.0443 Fax:
Email: Mary Bird

Michigan Native Butterfly Farm is dedicated to promoting awareness of the life cycle, habitat, and conservation of butterflies and raising healthy, vibrant Monarch and Painted Lady butterflies for memorable weddings and special occasion releases. We sell a variety of host, nectar, and native plants, as well as butterfly life cycle kits, cages, and books. Our mobile butterfly educational exhibit features butterflies in all stages of development and includes live butterflies that can be fed by hand! We offer educational programs and presentation.
Our products include: Wholesale Monarch, Painted Lady and indigenous butterfly species for Butterfly Houses, Garden Centers, Zoos and Exhibits throughout the US, wholesale release envelopes, Sinamay boxes, and pupae pillow shippers. We sell a variety of milkweed, host, nectar, and native plants to garden centers and home gardeners and provide butterfly garden consultation and installation.
Butterfly Gardens To Go - We specialize in growing plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds to the garden. Great info on butterfly gardening too!
Nature Pavilion Gift Shop - Nature, Science, Animal, Insect, Butterfly, Ladybug, Hummingbird, Deer, Elk, Wildlife, and many other themed gifts!


Shayne Fettig
Felix Fettig

1230 Orkla Drive - Golden Valley MN 55427 USA
Phone: Fax:

Email: Shayne Fettig


Ralph Ritchie

54 8th AVE SE - Little Falls MN 56345 USA
Phone: 320-632-6267 Fax:

Email: Ralph Ritchie


Kraig Anderson

Spineless Wonders
PO Box 431 - Forest Lake MN 55025 USA
Phone: 612-961-0292 Fax: 651-433-2482
Email: Kraig Anderson

Butterfly and Lorikeet House Design and Construction, Consultation Services, Imported Butterfly Pupae and Adults, Insect Exhibit Design and Construction, USDA Permit Application Assistance, Staff and Volunteer Training, Bug Wrangling for Film and Video.


Brittney Smith

The Butterfly Palace
4106 W hwy 76 - Branson MO 65616 USA
Phone: Fax:
Email: Brittney Smith


Laura Remenar
Joshua Remenar

2751 Shepherd of the Hills - Branson MS 65616 USA
Phone: 4173424800 Fax:

Email: Laura Remenar


Brandon Aker

All-A-Flutter Farms, LLC
7850 Clinard Farms Road Lot B - High Point NC 27265 USA
Phone: Fax:

Email: Brandon Aker


Jennifer Anderson

The Professional Butterfly
1520 Weslyn Springs Way - Fuquay Varina NC 27526 USA
Phone: 919-412-3746 Fax:
Email: Jennifer Anderson

We breed and sell monarch and black swallowtail butterflies.


Loretta Brady

Touch of Heaven Butterflies
7108 NC Hwy 7108 - Bennett NC 27208 USA
Phone: 336 953-2830 Fax:
Email: Loretta Brady

Beautiful painted lady and monarch "butterflies for release" for any occaision.


Judi Sunshine

Wingin' It Butterfly Farm
6704 Rollingwood Drive - Raleigh NC 27613 USA
Phone: Fax:
Email: Judi Sunshine

Release a butterfly today and make a memory forever!


Deborah Strong

Mansion Monarchs
- South Jersey and Philadelphia NJ 08054 USA
Phone: (609) 975-8677 Fax:
Email: Deborah Strong


Tatia Veltkamp

Wings of Enchantment
9517 Dona Rowena Ave NE - Albuquerque NM 87111 USA
Phone: +1505 271-0325 Fax:
Email: Tatia Veltkamp

Displays, Releases & Educational Programs

Bringing educational programs and displays to our schools and community to raise awareness about the importance of butterflies in our environment.


David O'Donnell

Eastern Monarch
5643 Davison Rd - Clarence NY 14031 USA
Phone: 716-759-8500 Fax:

Email: David O'Donnell

Eastern Monarch Butterfly Farm will have a live display each Saturday at the Clarence Hollow Farmers Market June thru September 8:00 AM until 1:00 PM. The market location is 10717 main st in the clarence hollow. We will have monarch butterfly rearing kits,milkweed plants and seeds, as well as information on gardening for butterflies. At this time we do not have public access to the farm, limited tours could be arranged you may contact David O'Donnell for information at


Cornelius du Plessis

Rainbow's End Butterfly Farm & Nursery
13 Rainbow's End - Pawling NY 12564 USA
Phone: 845 832 6749 Fax: 845 832 6749
Email: Cornelius du Plessis

A family owned business selling hand-raised butterflies for releases and eco-friendly butterfly habitats.

Our Mission is to make a commitment to have a positive impact on the environment by educating, allowing and creating butterfly habitats.

Come flutter with us!


Jim Nero

9657 Marlboro AV NE - Louisville OH 44641 USA
Phone: Fax:

Email: Jim Nero


Fran LeMasters

All A Flutter Butterflies
1580 Frys Valley Rd SW - Port Washington OH 43837-9138 USA
Phone: 330-339-0008 Fax: N/A

Email: Fran LeMasters

Farm raised Butterflies for Release at your special event
Traveling Exhibit, "Walk Among the Butterflies" available for your location
Educational Projects and butterfly exhibit for schools, libraries, and groups
Lifecycle presentations for your organization


Lori Strawhecker

Lori's Lovely Butterflies
523 Housel Craft Road - Cortland OH 44410 USA
Phone: 330-638-3533 Fax:
Email: Lori Strawhecker

Lori's Lovely Butterflies

Presentations and Traveling Live Butterfly Exhibit

Servicing the Corporate, Retirement Home, and School Communities

Visit our website for more information and pictures!


Jane Breckinridge
David Bohlken

Euchee Butterfly Farm
P O Box 179 - Leonard OK 74043 USA
Phone: +1 651 343-8951 Fax: +1 918 366-0965
Email: Jane Breckinridge


David Bohlken
Jane Breckenridge

Monarchs Forever
14725 east 181st street South - Bixby OK 74008 USA
Phone: Fax:

Email: David Bohlken


Vicki Mion

Brookings Oregon Monarch Advocates
1234 Moore St - Brookings OR 97415 USA
Phone: 760-670-7826 Fax:

Email: Vicki Mion


Vickie Grossman

Fluttering Friends Butterflies
114 Quaker Road - Parkesburg PA 19365 USA
Phone: 717-490-0679 Fax:

Email: Vickie Grossman


Rick Mikula

Hole in Hand Butterfly Farm
147 W.Carleton Ave - Hazleton PA 18201 USA
Phone: 570.459.1327 Fax: 570.459.1327
Email: Rick Mikula

Fast-paced and humorous programs for any and all ages. Group and private lessons, Teacher workshop, Special needs, assisted care residents, habitat design, livestock broker, Rainforest tours, If it has to do with butterflies we'll do it. No place too far, we can talk.


Rose Franklin

Rose Franklin's Perennials
107 Butterfly Lane - Spring Mills PA 16875 USA
Phone: 814-422-8968 Fax:
Email: Rose Franklin

Butterflies, Butterfly Plants
We offer Monarch eggs, caterpillars, pupae, and adults from late June thru October.
We also grow plants that attract butterfies to the garden for nectaring and egg-laying, and are able to ship plants to most states that lay east of the Mississippi River.
Please visit our web site for a listing of the plants we offer.


Jack Mikula

The Butterfly WebSite
22 Charter Oak Court - Doylestown PA 18901 USA
Phone: 215-340-7693 Fax: 215-340-7695
Email: Jack Mikula

The Butterfly Website is the world's biggest and busiest site dedicated to butterflies. The Nature Store carries butterfly raising kits for kids. We do NOT raise butterflies for releases. We construct and host websites, specializing in butterfly farmers (click HERE)


Jodi Hopper

Wish Upon A Butterfly
419 Mt. Air Road - New Castle PA 16102 USA
Phone: 724-667-7107 Fax:
Email: Jodi Hopper

We specialize in raising beautiful Monarch butterflies for release.

Butterflies for weddings, anniversaries, parties, or funerals.

Please visit our web page.


William Robinson

Occasion Butterflies
1824 Corbett Road - Pinewood SC 29125 USA
Phone: 8038403367, 8034526044 Fax:

Email: William Robinson


Liz Cannedy

11405 Whitewing Ave - Austin TX 78753 USA
Phone: Fax:

Email: Liz Cannedy


Nikki Camp

13-0 Country Butterflies
- Maypearl TX 76064 USA
Phone: 936-222-0918 Fax:
Email: Nikki Camp

Butterflies for Release


Barbara Dorf

Big Tree Butterflies
332 North Palmetto Street - Rockport TX 78382 USA
Phone: (361) 779-3145 Fax:
Email: Barbara Dorf

Big Tree Butterflies offers live monarch butterfly adults for release. We also have chrysalids, caterpillers, and eggs for shipment in the United States east of the Continental Divide.



Kay Watson

Eva's Garden Butterflies
550 FM 125N - Linden TX 75563 USA
Phone: 903-826-3363 Fax:
Email: Kay Watson

Butterflies for release.
Educational presentations and raising kits


B. J. McGee

168 Pine Cone Glen - Holly Lake Ranch TX 75765 USA
Phone: 402 926-8215 Fax: +1 903 705-6922
Email: B. J. McGee


Kathy Marshburn

Vibrant Wings Butterflies
- Humble TX, SC 77346 USA
Phone: 832-671-4755 Fax:
Email: Kathy Marshburn

Butterflies for Release, available from Vibrant Wings Butterflies, Humble, TX., and Vibrant Wings Butterflies, Clover, SC..

Visit or phone 832-671-4755 for info or to place your order


Todd Stout

Raising Butterflies LLC
1456 North General Drive - Salt Lake City UT 84116 USA
Phone: Fax:
Email: Todd Stout


Karen McCurdy
Steven McCurdy

3825 River Oak Cir - Virginia Beach VA 23456 USA
Phone: Fax:

Email: Karen McCurdy


Linda Marchman

Social Butterflies
6085 Midway Road - Charlottesville VA 22903 USA
Phone: 434-823-3666 Fax:
Email: Linda Marchman

Social Butterflies -

Hand-raised Monarchs, Painted Ladies, Swallowtails
and other species for releases at weddings, receptions,
retirements, birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations,
special events and any celebrations.

Mixed species of butterflies also available upon request.

Please visit our website @

Looking for a speaker for your group?
We are available to give butterfly-related presentations to
groups or schools located in the Central Virginia area

Ho Chi Minh

Gary Stell

Monarch Garden
61 Vo Van Tan Ward 6 Quan 3 - Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh 70000 Vietnam
Phone: 841265522828 Fax:

Email: Gary Stell

International Butterfly Breeders Association, Inc.

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